Update as of 1/03/18 - All available 2018 funds have been committed.  CGF is not accepting new applications at this time.  We wish you every blessing on your adoption journey.  

Adoptive families may apply for financial support by email or mail.   Submittal of the signed CGF Statement of Faith and approval to adopt by a qualified adoption agency must be received and verified prior to application.  The CGF Statement of Faith may be requested by email to  

The application letter should contain the following:

  1. Full name of parents and a brief bio [contact information, how long married, children(ages and names) and occupation(s)]

  2. A statement explaining why the family is seeking to adopt.

  3. Church membership and pastor contact information (pastor will be contacted for reference).

  4.  Agency that performed the home study and contact information (agency will be contacted for verification).

  5. Adoption agency handling the adoption and contact information (will be contacted for verification).

  6. Statement of financial need (amount of funds requested), expected usage of funds and when funds are needed. 

  7. Statement of household annual income and adoption expenses already incurred. 

* Claire's Gift funds, once approved, will be disbursed directly to the organizations, agencies or providers on behalf of the adopting family.

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